Random Poetry

I am participating in the Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides April Poem a Day challenge. I’ve done it before and enjoyed it tremendously. This is the first year I started on the first day and written (for the most part) every day. The days I miss I catch up on. The poems below are from previous years and are random and unrelated. I picked them for that reason. As a poet I’m a bit of a fraud. I don’t give a lot of thought to poetic style. I write stuff, call it a poem and slap it up there. Poetry is like any other writing. You have a story to tell and you tell it in the way that seems right. Some stories are better told in poetic form, short or long, it matters not.


First there was one,
it took up no room at all,
I stuffed it into a bag,
a small one in the hall.

I went back to the store
and acquired more to add
to the bag in the hall.
Isn’t that just a little sad?

The bag in the hall
bulged when I next came back.
It isn’t much, I said to myself.
Two more went into the sack.

Suddenly plastic
Spilled out upon the floor!
The bags rose higher,
blocking the door.

With a sigh and deep regret,
I admitted there is no point
In keeping these damned bags
all over the joint!



Shadows creep across the floor,
inky black spreading toward the door.
Someone is there, waiting
on my nerves grating, grating,
hovering and so drear,
beating my senses into fear.
The moon so bright does appear.
What did I fear that was so near?
I cannot say for now ‘tis consumed
by moonlight shining into my room.



Shades and shapes billowed and played
Around the queen who ruled
With power deep in the changeling’s keep
To keep her subjects schooled.
She wove a web of truth and care
And left none behind.
On the trail naught would fail
Not in the hive’s collective mind.


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