Accolades for Dr. Elliott

Dr. David ElliottCongratulations to Dr. David Elliott, who has been named Alta Vista Regional Hospital Physician of the Year for 2015. I can’t think of a more deserving person for this award.

CEO Chris Wolf made the announcement at the hospital’s June medical staff meeting.

Dr. Elliott has been a member of the AVRH medical staff since 1978 and is well known and respected at the hospital and in the community. He serves on the AVRH Board of Trustees, Medical Executive Committee and is the AVRH Physician Advisor.

Hospital employees were asked to nominate a physician they thought best met criteria that demonstrates compassionate patient and family care, recognizes all health care disciplines as partners in care, treats employees with respect and dignity, helps educate and develop patient care providers, recognizes and supports team efforts within the patient care setting, and actively participates in community events/opportunities.

According to the nominations that were submitted, “Dr. Elliott’s ability to hear the needs of others, coupled with extensive knowledge, provides an insightful approach to problem solving. He takes excellent care of patients and their families; Dr. Elliott works with and respects all aspects of the health care team.”


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2 thoughts on “Accolades for Dr. Elliott

  1. CONGRATULATIONS DR. ELLIOTT. I for one have known you since 1978 and enjoyed working with you and also getting treated, many, many times by you. GOD BLESS YOU MY FRIEND!


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