Las Vegas, New Mexico Acrostic Poem

Las Vegas Acrostic

Las Vegas, New Mexico

Lilacs in spring make your heart sing.
Art in the park? Oh what a lark!
Silvery river, lovely life giver.

Vegas town is New Mexico’s crown.
Enchantingly pretty, this little city
Gracious and kind, a place to unwind.
Architectural treasures, historical measures –
So proud of this place, with its charm and its grace.

New fallen rain, greens up the plain
Expands to the rills, and touches the hills.
Water comes down and brings joy all around.

Melding shades, in shadows fade
Engages God’s brush to enhance nature’s flush.
Xanthic hues are mixed in with blues
Indigo furls into mauve perfect curls
Colors the sky and makes your heart sigh.
Oh, how sublime, it is Las Vegas, New Mexico time.


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