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From the creative brain of someone who loves words and their amazing ability to inspire emotion.


  What is that I see chasing the moon? Wispy clouds, bare dark tree limbs reaching up, up, up into a darkening sky. It is a moon night. All nature points to luminous lunar beauty. Thank you for being a reader/subscriber. Your likes, shares,… Continue Reading “MOON NIGHT”


I pray to live into God’s promise, and embrace the gifts of life and opportunity with joy and optimism, living in hope and grounded in faith. I thank God for mercy and compassion, the comfort of his love that brings peace to a troubled… Continue Reading “OPEN AND CLOSE”


Snow fell today, …pristine beautiful… Creature tracks break the crust. Moisture gives us …hope …expectation of a spring blooming and lush. Thank you for being a reader/subscriber. It is my goal to present informative, interesting, and creative content on this site. Your likes, shares,… Continue Reading “SNOW”


Look beyond what you see, look at you, look for me. What seek you in the days ahead? Health and hope, not fear nor dread? It starts within each gentle soul as we look to be made whole. It is not so simple is… Continue Reading “REFLECTION ANEW”


Peace on Earth seems far away as we muddle about from day-to-day. Sing the song of Peace on Earth, see each person’s gifts and worth. Pass not judgment, hear instead the sighs of Peace on Earth from he – or she – who cries.… Continue Reading “PEACE”

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