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Book Signing

Book SigningI’ve done several readings at Tome on the Range in Las Vegas, NM, featuring my books. Every time I do one, I’m a wreck and second-guess whether I said the right things and whether people received my reading well. On Saturday at my most recent reading and signing, my friend Jim Terr recorded portions of the readings and the following is one clip of three he will be posting. I thank those who could make it on Saturday, and to those who couldn’t, I hope you enjoy this clip. And by the way, buy the books! You can find Finding Family at Tito’s Gallery or Tome on the Range. The poetry books you may buy directly from me. Contact me  at, or order through the click buttons in the right column.

Video: Jim Terr

2 Comments on “The Signing Experience

  1. I don’t know this Poetry in Notion. When did it come about? Where have I been. Cute readings, K

    • It’s poetry I’ve written over the past year, some on One Roof, some just for the heck of it. I’m glad you enjoyed the reading.

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