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Author Ray John de Aragón on writing and his latest book

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Ray John de Aragón is a writer who uses careful research and stories to bring life to New Mexico’s deep and wide history, whether he is delving into fiction, writing nonfiction, or creating a melding of the two.

Author Profile: James Blackshear


James Blackshear is an educator who shares his knowledge beyond the classroom through the books he writes about Southwest history.

New Mexico

Horse on a foggy day

New Mexico in words, color and connections

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This duo collaborated on a book of poetry and illustrations to create Saints and Sinners: An esoteric collection of poetry and photographs from New Mexico.

Author Profile: Edwina Romero

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Q. What do you most want visitors to the show to know about you as a writer?
A. I continually check facts and writing mechanics, and experiment with a variety of ways of composing sentences. I love the revision process. I wanted “to be a writer” since high school and wrote throughout my life; first published four years after retiring.

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