What makes Las Vegas special II

Viva Las Vegas! Sign at Charlie's
A sign at Charlie’s Bakery & Cafe on Douglas Ave. – Las Vegas, NM

Earlier in February I wrote a post asking, “What makes Las Vegas special?” I posted a similar question on Facebook. I got such great feedback from the Facebook post, I decided to print all the responses here and share them. These responses tell the story of Las Vegas from the heart of the people who live here. If you want to add your thoughts, please add a comment, or e-mail fsharon@msn.com and I’ll add it to this list so it becomes part of the main body of the post.

Mark Gillingham: There is live music nearly everywhere you look in Lil LV.

Kayt C. Peck: This town has more talent per capita than any place I’ve ever lived.

Victoria Evans: NMHU music department and their wonderful shows that showcase students and community members.

Annette Velarde: Great food, artists, galleries, Fiestas, Roughrider Rally, history, film, tourism, astronomy, clear skies, music, outdoor adventures, animal watching, true stories of outlaws, railroad history, cowboy history, ghosts, educational institutions…

Joan Minner: Free movies at Ilfeld, great pizza, a sweet little bowling alley, art galleries, great music, movie theater, and the friendliest people I’ve ever met. I could go on and on, but I don’t want to repeat what others have said. Oh – and a great university that is just getting better and better

Patrick Alarid: Rich multi-cultural history, superstitions, architecture and faith.

Pam Abreu: I love that I can run in to people I have known for decades and people I have just recently met. Having a shared history and shared memories with so many people is priceless.

Barbara Casey: LV has an abundance of volunteers who provide necessary services to the people in the community. CASA volunteers, CCHP, Samaritan House, Literacy Council, EDC, Friends of the Library, Food kitchens… the list goes on and on!

Carol Cutler Linder: Diversity of the people, the landscape, the buildings, the views (expressed and visualized), ideas, weather, talents, education levels, educational opportunities, ages, wildlife, and most of all friendships

Tori Crawford Conway: After being away for a year, I miss playing with the Rainbow Ringers at the Presbyterian Church.

Juli Salman: Great weather for exercising outdoors, friendly community of runners and cyclists, Highlands University is ranked near the top of the nation’s schools for ROI and upward mobility.

Judy Long: Incredible sense of community and support.

Richard Lindeborg: No matter where I am in town, I am just a few minutes away from seeing or being in the mountains or the prairies,

Rosalie Lopez: The uniqueness and acceptance of Las Vegas. More to do here and to be involved with here, than most towns this size.

Lupita Gonzales: Came here over 50 years ago because of NMHU, and that was just the beginning of my odyssey!

Jill Baskerville: Kissing the sunshine

Kathy Hendrickson: All of the above plus, Montezuma Hot Springs and Montezuma Castle/ UWCUSA, Historic Plaza Hotel, Castaneda Hotel, Media Arts Building, which is in the Trolley Barn ( McCaffrey Building), and Mayeur Project, the amazing Dwan Light Sanctuary. Over 900 Historical homes and buildings. Historic home tours and walking tours.  The theme for PWAP (Places With a Past) in August will be The Rejuvenation of Las Vegas! All these places have or – are being – rejuvenated! Spend a day touring Las Vegas with Southwest Detours. www.southwestdetours.com.

Rosa Latimer: Creative energy abounds!

Jim Abreu: Smiles, friendly greetings, classic upward nod of the chin to say “Hi.” Grit, Charm…Heart…

Nan Colalillo: Fundraising dinners by non-profits.

RaeDawn Price: When I think about why I love living in Las Vegas, I think about family and the friends that have become family. I love the coffee drinkers at the different restaurants. Seeing a group gathered over a cup of coffee warms my heart.

Cindy Collins: New businesses and renovations: E. Romero Fire & Acequia Museum, Castaneda Hotel, the Skillet, Olivia’s Cafe, Mayeur Projects, Borrachos, JC’s Pizza, Indigo Theater, PLAZA HOTEL, Palms Event Center, Serf Historic event venue, Charlie’s Event venue, NMHU Media Arts Center in old trolley building, 70 trees on Douglas, new benches and trash cans, Rawlins Building with upstairs apartments and two retail spaces!

Kathleen M. Rodgers: Castaneda Hotel! Can’t wait to stay there once the renovations are done.

Richard Lindeborg: Moving back to Las Vegas after four decades away, it was a delight to discover the connectedness of having peers whose grandparents and parents I knew, as well as their children and grandchildren.

Lydia Palomino: The beautiful people… traditions

Carol Ditmanson: Two national parks – Fort Union National Monument and Pecos National Historical Park in our neighborhood!

Sherrie Doke: We still miss LV so much and we moved away 27 years ago! It is such a unique, caring and busy place to live. The people are so varied and talented.

Paula E. Geisler: Arrott Art Gallery (now closed)

Jeanette Yara: History

Izzy Manning: People look you in the face and say good morning and smile.

Connie M. Coca: Plaza Hotel, Montezuma Castle, Highlands University, historical buildings and homes. Culture, music, language. The 4th of July Fiesta and especially friends and family. Radio stations. Mexican or southwestern New Mexico food. Our churches of all denominations.

Juanita Estrada: Who is not to Love a community where everybody knows everybody and every body’s business, but yet love one another. Viva Las Vegas!

Rose Contreras-Taylor: Beautiful parks – Plaza park, Lincoln Park, Carnegie park

Kristin Reidy: Sharon, I love working in Las Vegas and can never get enough peaceful time at the ranch. At work I often call a patient into an examination room for their eye appointment and they ask if they can wait a little longer so they they can finish a conversation with an old friend! The beauty of Vegas. Time stops and we appreciate what matters.

Kerry Holderbaum: The sight of Hermit’s Peak brings a smile each time I come home and a tear each time I leave.

Margaret Villanueva: Driving north on 84,  the old adobe church in Gilia and the sight of Hermit’s Peak in the distance, the piñones…  Almost Home!

Dolores Dodie Maese: Our nearby public lands!

Susie Tsyitee: We should brainstorm and celebrate our assets at least once a year! Thanks, Sharon! I love this thread!

Lydia Lovato: What I like about Las Vegas are the people when someone dies they are there to support you and comfort you the community pulls together.

Charlie Sandoval: History, culture, and New Mexico Highlands University

Robert Vander Meer: Location, location, location!

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