Holy week prayer

pexels-photo-208315.jpegCome, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. Psalm 95:6

Great God of all, the beginning and the infinite, you who sent yourself into the world as a wee babe who grew up and traveled the world as a man, misunderstood by many, feared by the establishment, teacher of astounding wisdom, and bearer of transgressions and sins, we worship you and give you thanks. Holy week is lost in the secular whirlwind of the Easter bunny and chocolate, marshmallow treats, giant Easter baskets, and pretty dresses. The reality of Holy week is bleak and grim. When we stand at the foot of the cross and look up, we cannot comprehend the depth of Your suffering on our behalf. We simply cannot. We do know the cross was not the end of hope; it was the beginning of redemption. Only by the resurrection can we see how amazing you are, your grace washing out from that cruel cross and lifting all on the sea of your love. It is through that grace we can understand just a fraction of why you took this path. Just a fraction. And it is enough. Up from the grave he arose, a mighty triumph o’er his foes. (Robert Lowry, Christ Arose).