Review: Gate 76

Gate 76Gate 76, by Andrew Diamond, is about loss and redemption. The characters are stark, and for the most part – it seems – soulless. But are they? Gate 76 explores the dark side of life with a man who finds no good in the world. He’s seen it all. Lived it all, and he is not impressed. Well-meaning do-gooders who don’t have a clue, really push his hot button.

He most certainly doesn’t see his own goodness, the spark of caring that sets him apart from his brutal upbringing. Ex-boxer Freddy Ferguson has been betrayed too many times by people who should have been looking out for him.

And then he sees a woman in line at an airport, ready to board a plane. She appears to be under duress. He keeps watching. Something isn’t right. It’s her eyes, maybe, wide with fear, yet determined. She’s terrified, he can sense it.

That’s the beginning of a heart-pumping tale involving the bombing of an airplane, political corruption, prostitution, drugs and dirty lawmen.

In his role as a PI, Freddy is tasked with sorting through the passenger list of the downed plane, looking for clues, but he can’t get the woman out of his mind. She wasn’t on the plane that exploded, he knows that, but where did she go? Why was she afraid? Freddy doesn’t believe in much of anything not even justice. He does believe in following his instincts and doing the right thing, even when it may lead to his destruction.

Andrew Diamond’s novel Impala won the 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Award for genre fiction and the Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal for mystery. editors picked it as a best mystery/thriller of the month upon its release in September, 2016, and IndieReader chose it as one of the best indie novels of the year.

About the book
Title: Gate 76
Author: Andrew Diamond
Publisher: Stolen Time Press
Release Date: June 1, 2018
Language: English

My rating: Thumbs Up x 4

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