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Snow More

  Are you happy now? Do you remember when you moaned and groaned, whined and fretted. Will this snow ever go away? you asked. It’s too cold! you said, Will this ever end?! you cried. And now I am going. It seems as though–… Continue Reading “Snow More”

Ever the Optimist

I heard a new definition of pessimist recently. A pessimist is an optimist with experience. I am, as the song from South Pacific goes – a cockeyed optimist. I haven’t quite made it to pessimist, but I do have my days. There are many… Continue Reading “Ever the Optimist”

Waiting for the Post

Happy Valentine's Day

  Remember …waiting with fluttering heart… for a Valentine from your beloved? A missive filled with passion and bad poetry? Now, if you’re lucky, you get a text – i luv u – or something equally uninspired. Does that make it less valid? Love… Continue Reading “Waiting for the Post”

The Path

Walk With Me

The veil of yesterday shrouds the curtain of tomorrow. Will there be happiness, or sorrow? The future is not ours to know as each daily trek we take or any choices we may make. The hours, days and years accumulate and when our time… Continue Reading “The Path”

Something Different

If  you’ve never been to my site before you won’t see anything different, other than the fact I haven’t done much since my marathon poetry writing self-challenge in which I wrote a poem a day from Dec. 1 – 25. I’ve written a couple… Continue Reading “Something Different”

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