Playing with the camera

Yellow DeterminationPhoto 1: Yellow Determination. Why? For some little while, I didn’t think these lovely harbingers of Spring would ever be anything but leaves, but here they are, bright and beautiful. I have a row of them waiting to open. Anticipation, a great stimulus to creativity.

Photo 2: From a background of resting stems and dead leaves, this purple beauty and new green growth emerge, sure signs of warmer weather. I REALLY must get out the rake and start tidying up the yard, and yet… the spontaneous music of an untended garden sings to me, riotous and rollicking, laughing at winter, God’s great gift of resurrection.Purple Spring

Photo 3: These are three different kinds of succulents. I don’t know where I got them, but I never expected to see them again. Last summer was their first season in the patio pots, and here they are, back again. What a delightful surprise! If I’d known they were going to be this hardy I might have installed them as ground cover. Maybe this year? Assuming I ever get to work in the yard.

Coming to LifePhoto 4: We have a “rainbow catcher” in our kitchen. At least that’s what I call it. It is solar activated, turning and turning throwing rainbows of color across our breakfast time, making us act and feel like children. “See! There it is. Isn’t it beautiful?” Our eyes chase the hues as they land on the wall and then the ceiling and off the mirror in the living room. We’re treated to a carousel or light. I caught this slice of rainbow resting on a copper plate mounted on the wall. In the next photo you can see the plate in context.

Photo 5: The collage of images is an eclectic grouping. Each image speaks to me Catching a Rainbowseparately and collectively. The wreath of eucalyptus still has – after several years of hanging there – a distinctive aroma. My friend Kathy, gave me the cross for Christmas one year. The horizontal post reads “Journey,” and the vertical post is the Jeremiah 29:11 scripture: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to proper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” The fruit collage is tin art, a funky fun piece that makes me smile. The San Pascual Baylon retablo by Peter Lopez, has the following message on the back:

CorneredSan Pascual Baylon, 1540-1592 A shepherd who became a Franciscan lay brother and worked in the dining room or as a door keeper; very devoted to the Eucharist. Patron Saint of the kitchen, cooking, shepherds and sheep. He is also said to guard against a sad spirit. “May the Lord bless and protect you.” Tio Pedro 6/93

Lovely, yes? And I think it works; I rarely have a sad spirit.

The Aztec calendar copper plate was rescued from the basement of my husband’s office right before we sold the building several years ago. It fits that space just right. You can see the “rainbow” on the copper plate to the left of center.

These items serve no purpose other than to make my workspace cheery, and remind me of good friends, laughter shared, and the joy of life.

Playing with the camera is always fun. It’s even more fun to share the experience. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment, share and like. I will greatly appreciate it!



Spring blooms glorious birth,

Summer sun warms the earth,

Autumn flames riotous bright,

Winter freezes into cozy quiet.

Laughter weaves through it all,

Answering to nature’s call.


Mauve weaves through

Gold and pink,

Slashes of purple

Wink and blink

Night tugs toward day.

Get up! Get up!

Bright colors sing

Receive this, Heaven’s gift

Let your soul take wing

Time passes oh so swift.

Night tugs toward day.


The day arrives

Am I ready? NOT.

Good to go,

Oh what rot!

More to do

Than I can take

Less time to do it

I’m barely awake!


Incandescent red

Shot through with light

Yellow orange bright

Flaming across the dark of dawn

First light pierced with errant ray

Melding hues, surge into day.

Morning is here.