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Five Truths About Indie Publishing

I am an indie author, a writing entrepreneur. The following comments are based on my experience and are in no way intended to discourage anyone from self-publishing. I get – and occasionally sign up for – “helpful” blog posts about how I can make… Continue Reading “Five Truths About Indie Publishing”

Writing: A Day in the Life

This should read “A Day in the Life of THIS Writer, and it’s just ONE day in the life of this writer. Everyone approaches how they write in different ways. Disciplined writing and scheduled writing are a bit of a myth for most of… Continue Reading “Writing: A Day in the Life”

Q&A with Windy Lynn Harris: Getting Past “No”

Windy Lynn Harris

Q. In one sentence describe who you are as a writer. A. I’m that woman peeking out from behind the pole over there, studying human behavior, sorting through the data. Q. What is a market coach for creative writers? A. A Market Coach is… Continue Reading “Q&A with Windy Lynn Harris: Getting Past “No””

Q&A With Jane Friedman: Making the Hard Decisions

Jane Friedman

From Jane’s website: Jane Friedman has 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in digital media strategy for authors and publishers. From 2001–2010 she worked at Writer’s Digest, where she ultimately became publisher and editorial director of the $10-million multimedia brand. More recently, she served as… Continue Reading “Q&A With Jane Friedman: Making the Hard Decisions”

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