Fall’s tumble of leaves,
– icy snow pattern weaves,
bringing out spring flowers,
soon drenched by summer showers.

Green chile roasting,
wintery mulled cider toasting,
digging up fertile ground,
so bounty astounds.

The seasons come, and go
–with measured flow,
leaving a mark
that cheers the heart.

American Flag

We remember
each September
life fragile and dear,
and pray for peace
that brings release
from all hate and fear.

The bells knell,
their stories tell,
of memories new and old
souls at rest
they did their best
and left a legacy so bold.

This testament sings
of angels’ wings
and spirits born on high,
the risks our heroes take
For our sake
spits in the devil’s eye.

I never knew you


I never knew you, Grandpa.
Your life ended long before
my mother met my father,
yet because of Mom’s
memories of life with you,
you are as real as anyone
I have ever known.
I see you herding sheep
in the high Arizona mountains,
bringing them into the fold.
I see you laughing with your children.
I see you running for sheriff
and serving faithfully after
you were elected.
I see you worn out,
not with age, but with work,
struggling to feed your family
of fourteen children from two dead wives
killed by time and childbirth,
and hard labor.
Your legacy is alive though Mom is gone
and so is the man she married,
he who was like you,
hard working,
hard living,
hard loving,
and now



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