Nothing ever changes,
nothing stays the same.
Tension remains.
Everything changes,
it is the dynamic of life.

Summer sashays into fall.
Landscapes breathe out
encouraging vibrant life
to take a rest
and sleep for a time.

Winter drifts in
spreading a blanket
of dormancy
preparing the earth
for newness of life.

Spring pushes against
winter’s clenched fist
popping color here and there
bursting forth with abandon
against dead leaves of autumn.

Summer returns,
sometimes muggy hot,
sometimes lazy days and lemonade.
Change has come
once again.

Suddenly – fall’s crisp air brings a chill
and earthy hues, marked by drooping sunflowers,
golden grasses spreading across the plain,
wind whirling vibrant leaves,
tumbling them to the ground.

Autumn’s best gift drifts aromatically on the air,
the true bellwether of change,
green chile roasting,
a unique scent like no other,
– fall in Northern New Mexico.

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