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Trees turning golden against a robin’s egg blue sky I am joy-filled.

Everything in its time

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven… Ecclesiastes 3:1 I await Your timing, Lord, but in the waiting, let me share, gift by gift, day by day so others know Your love and care. In the labyrinth of…



Sweet is the touch of spring, Pleasant, arriving cool and green, Redolent with aromas of turned dirt, Invading senses, bringing smiles. New growth, blue skies, longer days, Gentle breezes softly sigh. Stirring memory of times gone by, Purest recall of other moments Running free,…


Sunset, Las Vegas, NM

Nothing ever changes, nothing stays the same. Tension remains. Everything changes, it is the dynamic of life. Summer sashays into fall. Landscapes breathe out encouraging vibrant life to take a rest and sleep for a time. Winter drifts in spreading a blanket of dormancy…


SEASONS Spring blooms glorious birth, Summer sun warms the earth, Autumn flames riotous bright, Winter freezes into cozy quiet. Laughter weaves through it all, Answering to nature’s call. MORNING Mauve weaves through Gold and pink, Slashes of purple Wink and blink Night tugs toward…

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