Q&A With Elmo Baca: Indigogo!

Okay, this is just too exciting. I personally CAN NOT WAIT! This is directly from Elmo’s Facebook page and I am hoping I don’t miss getting one of the first 50 tickets to this stellar premier:

Announcing the sneak preview screening and opening of the Indigo Theater on December 17 with “Star Wars The Force Awakens.” The Indigo Theater officially opens on December 18 screening “Star Wars” with multiple shows through the day and through the holiday season. Advance tickets are now available through Indigo’s new crowdfunding campaign at Indigogo. Please visit http://igg.me/at/indigotheater. Please also see our Facebook page at Indigo Theater and website at www.indigotheater.rocks for more information and links to the Indigogo campaign. Advance tickets for “Star Wars – The Force Awakens” are currently only available through Indigogo. May the Force be with you!

In the following Q&A about the Indigo Theater Elmo talks about this project and his commitment to creating something unique that enhances the quality of life in Las Vegas.

Q. In one sentence tell readers who you are.

A. Elmo Baca is a native of Las Vegas, interested in community revitalization, art, writing, history, historic preservation, photography and cinema, not necessarily in that order.

Q. What is a boutique theater?
A. Boutique refers to a smaller, more intimate and perhaps more eccentric experience. In the cinema, boutique refers to a smaller theater that offers a more direct interaction with the picture and sound.

Elmo Baca and Bill Capaccio
Elmo and painter Bill Capaccio talk about finer points and finishing touches.

Q. Why Las Vegas and why now?
A. Obviously there is a business opportunity for a new cinema in Las Vegas, and having some theater management experience in my tool box, I decided to make an investment. But I also I feel that the timing is right, an optimistic feeling is in the community. Finally, I strongly advise other communities to revitalize their theaters, and so I felt compelled to apply that same advice to my hometown.

Q. What is the inspiration for Indigo?
A. I like the color Indigo, the word, the feeling and associations, the music, and the mood. The deep blue violet is a shade in the sky just before nightfall, which is sometimes the same time that a movie begins. Indigo has been celebrated by great artists like Matisse, Sinatra and Duke Ellington, and it seemed like a good name for a theater. The color also offered some interesting design opportunities.

Q. How does film and theater contribute to a community’s vitality?
A. If you look at cities throughout history, the theater is one of the building blocks of society. Even in the frontier west, every new boom town had a church, a saloon and an opry house. A theater is fundamental to a town’s vitality, imagination and social quality. In today’s lifestyle, with the dramatic improvements in digital film making, sound, photography and internet technologies, more and more people have become amateur filmmakers, posting their videos and photos to social media. In a sense, film making has become more democratic and universal. So having a theater that provides the opportunity for a town to stay current with advanced technologies and give local people a venue for self-expression is essential.

The Indigo's lobby
Cool lighting and comfy features will add ambiance to the lobby.

Q. What makes you hopeful about Las Vegas’ future?
A. I’ve seen Las Vegas gradually bounce back from generally deteriorating economic conditions and building infrastructure that were prevalent maybe 40 or 50 years ago. I have also seen some new residents who have a real passion for the community and willing to settle here and make contributions to the community. I think there’s some new leadership in the community and it gives me confidence to start the Indigo Theater. But we must also be aware that Las Vegas and northeastern New Mexico are losing population, and so we can’t be complacent.

Q. Talk about Las Vegas and historic preservation
A. I grew up in Las Vegas, which is a magical environment with its remarkable buildings and public spaces. But I didn’t always appreciate it. I sometimes joke that I ran away from home and went to college. Later of course, as one matures and experiences other places, the special qualities of Las Vegas come into clarity and focus. I learned guerrilla and grassroots historic preservation in Las Vegas, sometimes having to do projects or change perceptions with little or no money. Changing attitudes about rundown old buildings and a depressed economy is not easy. But I met and have worked with some special people here in Las Vegas along the way. I think one important lesson I have learned is that it is important to take the long view in this work. Cities take time and one must be patient. There is no silver bullet, just hard work, determination and some imagination. Sometimes miracles happen, and a catalytic project gets done or a new leader or entrepreneur moves to town. I have seen it happen several times in Las Vegas. When this happens, there is a window of opportunity when change can happen. Sometimes these moments last for a few years and sometimes they are gone, and sometimes the community doesn’t act in time, the moment is lost. I feel that the current time is a moment of opportunity and positive change.

Q. What are you hearing about the Indigo?
A. Well the community has been very positive and encouraging me. I think there’s some curiosity about the project itself, the building of a new cinema in an old building. I’ve heard that people will be glad they won’t have to drive to Santa Fe for a movie all the time. But I think the basic excitement is partly to have a current movie in town, to feel modern, contemporary, and connected to the movies and stories that the world is discussing and enjoying.

The Indigo Theater is scheduled to open on December 17 with the new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie. (See above.)

For more information on the Indigo Theater, please see the theater’s Facebook page and website: facebook/IndigoLas VegasNM and www.indigotheater.rocks.