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Day by day

The doing of a thing
shapes who we become
making each life ring and sing.

And now for the next adventure

I’m in that battling through ideas stage, wondering what thread of excitement engages me enough to begin story development. It sounds easier than it is. Some ideas will be best expressed as poetry, others as a short story and others in a novel. How… Continue Reading “And now for the next adventure”

Do What You Love…

Pasatiempo Fine Arts Academy

…and then share it by teaching I am proudly part of Pasatiempo Fine Arts Academy, 113 Bridge Street, a new art school in Las Vegas, NM. Open house and registration day for classes will be Saturday, May 20, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at… Continue Reading “Do What You Love…”

Q&A With Elmo Baca: Indigogo!

Okay, this is just too exciting. I personally CAN NOT WAIT! This is directly from Elmo’s Facebook page and I am hoping I don’t miss getting one of the first 50 tickets to this stellar premier: Announcing the sneak preview screening and opening of… Continue Reading “Q&A With Elmo Baca: Indigogo!”

Q&A With S.L. Shelton: Influence by Creativity

S.L. Shelton, Author

Q. In one sentence, who is S.L. Shelton as a writer? A. S.L. Shelton is a soldier, wrapped in a tech, inside a writer; there is no fiction, only exaggerations. Q. You are a prolific writer and active blogger. How do you schedule time… Continue Reading “Q&A With S.L. Shelton: Influence by Creativity”

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