Peace on Earth
seems far away
as we muddle about
from day-to-day.

Sing the song
of Peace on Earth,
see each person’s
gifts and worth.

Pass not judgment,
hear instead the sighs
of Peace on Earth
from he – or she – who cries.

May I make time to think
of a kindness I can birth
to bring about
Peace on Earth.

2020 has left us reeling and maybe a bit rattled about what lies ahead. I wrote this poem with hope in my heart.


11 Comments on “PEACE

  1. Sharon, a on-going positive presence during my Las Vegas life, Wid

  2. A lovely poem–thank you for sharing it with all. At this time of year which continues to be sad for me, it brought a gentle smile.

  3. Peace and love to you and yours. You have done much do bring peace around here. Thank you!

  4. Singing, acceptance, thinking can certainly go a long way towards hope and peace. Thank you Sharon for a thoughtful poem to start my day!

  5. I love your poem. It says exactly what we need to be doing right now.

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