More than meets the eye

Look beyond
what you see,
look at you,
look for me.
What seek you
in the days ahead?
Health and hope,
not fear nor dread?
It starts within
each gentle soul
as we look
to be made whole.
It is not so simple
is it now,
as we look for
the why, the how?
Do one kindness
on this day,
a smile, a laugh
to pave the way.
See beyond
what is there,
look for joy,

I watched a commercial featuring an elderly man doing a seemingly foolish series of exercises using – I think it’s called – a kettlebell. His actions are a curiosity to his neighbors and downright alarming to some, but he persists, always using as inspiration a photo the audience is not privileged to see, until the end. You can view the ad here. The commercial inspired me to write this poem and served as a reminder to identify what brings joy and focus on that. Happy New Year!

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5 thoughts on “REFLECTION ANEW

  1. Sharon!!! Thank you for sharing such heartfelt sentiments! Your poem brought tears to my eyes… the ad made me sob! Thanks so much!


  2. Wonderful. Yes, a kindness every day blesses both the giver and receiver. Thank you for the reminder.


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