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Writing lessons and life lessons


Over the past several years I’ve had the opportunity to talk to writers of varying levels of success. These wonderful interactions have taught me a lot about what it means to be a writer and how each applies to having a happy life. Write… Continue Reading “Writing lessons and life lessons”

Change is challenging


I posted this about two years ago and – with a few updates – I think it is worth repeating. Although WordPress has been more of a challenge than I anticipated, I’m glad I switched. An important lesson I’ve learned is that you can… Continue Reading “Change is challenging”

The Authority

  Trust in the Lord. Faith is as simple – and complex – as that. My life’s work is best accomplished when I tell of God’s place of prominence in my life. My trust in the Lord is singularly individual; it is between God,… Continue Reading “The Authority”

I am old, but that’s okay


Every once in a while I catch my reflection in a store window and am puzzled by the stranger looking back at me. Yes, I do look at my reflection every day when I’m putting on makeup, but that’s different, that’s a feature by… Continue Reading “I am old, but that’s okay”

Snow More

  Are you happy now? Do you remember when you moaned and groaned, whined and fretted. Will this snow ever go away? you asked. It’s too cold! you said, Will this ever end?! you cried. And now I am going. It seems as though–… Continue Reading “Snow More”

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