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Ever the Optimist

I heard a new definition of pessimist recently. A pessimist is an optimist with experience. I am, as the song from South Pacific goes – a cockeyed optimist. I haven’t quite made it to pessimist, but I do have my days. There are many… Continue Reading “Ever the Optimist”

Winter Trees

Winter trees have bones, some strong and straight others curved and flexible, some quite ethereal and spiderwebish resilient in most every kind of weather. Leafless, naked without their greenery yet majestic and grounding inspiring hope for tomorrow, a tomorrow filled with promise. Spring is… Continue Reading “Winter Trees”

Something Different

If  you’ve never been to my site before you won’t see anything different, other than the fact I haven’t done much since my marathon poetry writing self-challenge in which I wrote a poem a day from Dec. 1 – 25. I’ve written a couple… Continue Reading “Something Different”

A Rooster Tale

When I was a kid, we lived in a trailer house on my grandparents’ place. They had a farm with requisite chicken coop, cows, and garden. It was also the residence of the meanest rooster God ever created. It had wild red eyes that… Continue Reading “A Rooster Tale”

Gifts of the Magi – 25th Poem of Christmas

God’s great gift Inspired newness of life, Faith-centered, driven by Trust sparking compassion, Service, mercy, kindness, and empathy. One act of goodness Fosters another and another, Telling of courage and generosity, and of Hope for a better world – created Each day – good… Continue Reading “Gifts of the Magi – 25th Poem of Christmas”

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