Smile away the bluesCOVID-19 has become painfully personal. No, I don’t have it, and neither does my husband Bob, but he did fall and break his left femur and consequently ended up in Santa Fe at Presbyterian where he is – as I write this – in surgery. It is, a doctor friend tells me, a short and straightforward surgery, one he has had before on the other side. The personal part of this is that I cannot be with him or see him after surgery. Strict rules regarding patient safety in the age of COVID-19 prevents family members from seeing or being with their loved ones while they are hospitalized.

I’ve read about other people going through this, but you don’t “get it” until it happens to you.

The surgery is the first step. Following that he will have PT. The last time this happened three years ago, he was away from home for nearly six weeks, but I could be with him during the day and keep him supplied with newspapers for reading and Starbucks from Charlie’s to make him smile. Can’t do that this time!

Frustrating? Yes! There must be a better way. And yet, I know because of the precautions the local re-hab/nursing home has taken, it has had no cases of COVID-19. So, if Bob has to be in re-hab, I would hope he could do it in Las Vegas where I could at least wave at him through the window.

I believe hospitals are doing the right thing to protect patients and the public, but that doesn’t make it easier. Please keep my dear one and me in your prayers. And to all our friends and neighbors who have been through – or are going through – similar circumstances, prayers lifted for you all! I no longer simply sympathize, I understand.

Oh, crap! An update. Bob’s surgery was supposed to be at 3 o’clock this afternoon; now postponed by a day because they couldn’t get him into the surgery schedule! This means at least another day added to the estimated 4-day hospital stay. AAAAARRRRGH!

One day at a time, Sweet Jesus, one day at a time.

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