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The Music of Now

Day by day

Who are you and where do you think you’re going? What drives the truck and fuels the tank of your knowing? In you I see a light so brightly aflame and burning, Seeking wisdom, courage, always bright, always yearning. For just a little awhile,… Continue Reading “The Music of Now”

Tree says, “Thank You!”

Abbey and the Tree

I took a foto of our tree on 9/13/14 and at the time I felt moved to add a quote from Ed Abbey.  Actually the quote came first — I don’t remember from where now but it hit home for me.  Then I went… Continue Reading “Tree says, “Thank You!””

The beauty of Las Vegas, New Mexico captured

Sunrise Las Vegas, NM The beauty of Las Vegas, New Mexico captured, looks like a fabulous group to be a part of. I happened on the site by accident and found some amazing photos – new and old – of my favorite town, and… Continue Reading “The beauty of Las Vegas, New Mexico captured”

Homage to Las Vegas Historic Homes

PAINTED LADIES Bedraggled and empty, her worn gables sagging like an old woman’s wig, askew and tatty. Behind a scarred oak door a dull wooden staircase, marred wainscoting, wallpaper stained and torn. Oh, but the memories that sing through her halls telling of family… Continue Reading “Homage to Las Vegas Historic Homes”

Walk With Me

Let us stroll along today and talk. Tell me what makes you laugh as we walk. I want to listen to what you have to say. Share your heart with me today. I want to know what makes you cry. May I ease your… Continue Reading “Walk With Me”

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