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Q&A With Sharon Stewart


Making a life with photography According to Sharon Stewart’s website bio, photography is in her genes. Her Great Great Aunt Sadie, Quaker, was a commercial photographer in 1880s Iowa, having a studio with another Quaker woman. Stewart says the impetus of her photographic work… Continue Reading “Q&A With Sharon Stewart”

Q&A: Photographer Elaine Querry

Elaine Querry & Alice Winston Carney

…seeing the world through her eyes Photography is one thing; taking images to another level requires ingenuity and originality. Technique plays a part, but only when applied by an expert hand and a discerning eye. Elaine Querry is that kind of photographer. She has… Continue Reading “Q&A: Photographer Elaine Querry”

Deer Me

The Connection

There you are, sleek and beautiful a creature amazing and graceful, stippled brown and buff, your tail a fluffy white flag. Long of leg, powerful and swift, your gaze penetrating, full of light. Wary and wise, watching for danger survival instinct evident in your… Continue Reading “Deer Me”

Winter Trees

Winter trees have bones, some strong and straight others curved and flexible, some quite ethereal and spiderwebish resilient in most every kind of weather. Leafless, naked without their greenery yet majestic and grounding inspiring hope for tomorrow, a tomorrow filled with promise. Spring is… Continue Reading “Winter Trees”

Carols – 3rd Poem of Christmas


Call out! Shout for joy! Advent tells of a baby boy, Reigning not as a regal king. One babe in the manger, that’s the thing. Live, love, laugh, dance, sing and shout, Sharing His love, that’s what Christmas is about. _____________________ These ceramic Victorian… Continue Reading “Carols – 3rd Poem of Christmas”

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