How did you get your name,
what lies beyond your flame
of colors bright and true
that tells the story of you?
Splash of green and vibrant red
sunset colors dance across earth’s grassy bed,
lit from within you glow,
and brighten wherever you grow.

Photo by: Rob Vander Meer


Snow Day

The winds and snow of Winter
invite us to cozy down,
take comfort from those around us
in our home and in our town.

Spring’s gay bright blossoms
give us cause to laugh and sing,
as we watch for early robins
and hear the messages they bring.

Summer opens wide its
sunny arms enticing us to play,
kick the ball and swim the lake,
and make the most of every day.

Autumn whispers a sleepy song
of falling leaves and wind all around.
It’s time to rest, they say,
let peace and gentleness abound.

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New Mexico

Summer sky

summer arrives, no simple browns or blues –
rambling plains and mountains covered with
evergreens, shrub and scrub, dusty ocher
touched with rusty reds and sage greens –
the arc above cerulean, vivid and pure,
streaked at times with wispy clouds
or contrails of fighter jets making training runs
as the day settles into mellow yellow dusk –
fade to black, lit by millions upon millions of stars,
incomparable, magnificent, no light pollution to steal their glow
let the splendor of night go on forever,
but Mother Nature has another plan as the first rays of sun
burst across the horizon, bringing into sharp relief
hills, lowlands, trees, mountains soldiering across the horizon,
morning has broken, a new day begins

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Dandelion Light


Dandelions dot the landscape,
yellow bright against spring greens.
Once, I thought them a nuisance,
now I give thanks for their value,
providing nectar for bees
and salad greens for the daring gourmet.
Mostly I love their perky color
and joyful reminder of spring days
and the lazy hum of life.

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