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From the creative brain of someone who loves words and their amazing ability to inspire emotion.


Peace on Earth seems far away as we muddle about from day-to-day. Sing the song of Peace on Earth, see each person’s gifts and worth. Pass not judgment, hear instead the sighs of Peace on Earth from he – or she – who cries.… Continue Reading “PEACE”


Christmas ornaments reflect light – iridescent, glowing, bringing joy, lifting spirits, and lighting faces – young and old – with smiles. Like stars alight in the swirling dark, their colors shine sublime. Thank you for being a reader/subscriber. It is my goal to present… Continue Reading “REFLECTION”


Chile New Mexico Haiku

The aroma of
chile roasting warms my heart
conjuring autumn.


I wrote the poem below sometime ago with Kathy in mind, and posted it on this site long before her passing. I repost it today because I wish for one more walk and chance to talk with my friend.

Day by day

The doing of a thing
shapes who we become
making each life ring and sing.

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