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Christ Child – 24th Poem of Christmas

Christmas bells ring and chime, Heralding news, happy and sublime. Resonating with sounds transcendent, Inspiring hope and joy, all magnificent. Sing we now with heaven’s angel throng This happy news in heartfelt song. Comes He now, a wee infant heart, Hearing, seeing, breathing, life… Continue Reading “Christ Child – 24th Poem of Christmas”

Nativity – 23rd Poem of Christmas

Noel! Noel! Break the silence of the night! Angel voices shout to all – This One comes to bring new light Into the heart of anyone who hears His call, Verifying the promises of old: Into this world would come a child, To bring… Continue Reading “Nativity – 23rd Poem of Christmas”

Stable – 22nd Poem of Christmas

Son of God, child of man, To each of us you sing a singular song, Anthems to touch the hearts of all. Believers and questioners, Lost souls seeking peace and hope, Each looking to the Light streaming from a stable. ____________________ Image:

The Manger – 21st Poem of Christmas

  There He lay in a trough where animals took food. His place of rest could hardly be described as the best, Emptied for use as a crib for this inexplicable little babe. Merciful and mighty? You would never know it. And why should… Continue Reading “The Manger – 21st Poem of Christmas”

Star of Wonder – 20th Poem of Christmas

Celestial Beauty

Stars, our celestial guides, Transform the night sky into A map to places longed for but unknown, Radiating light so travelers may find their way. One travels this track in the belly of a maid, Father Joseph leading the beast of burden Wending its… Continue Reading “Star of Wonder – 20th Poem of Christmas”

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