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Immanuel – 16th Poem of Christmas

  Immanuel, Christ the Lord Most high and above all. Majestic And Nobel? Not at all. Unique, yes, but humble of birth Embracing humanity in His manger Lighting the way, giving life to hope. ______________ Image:

Joy and Light – 15th Poem of Christmas

Christmas Light

Joyful sounds, Angel voices say, Obedient to God, every blessed day, Yes, Christ’s life will Light the way. Amazing gift of grace He will be, New Light He brings to you and me, Divine yet human by God’s decree. Life giving hope He does…

Worship – 14th Poem of Christmas

  Wonder of wonders, the shepherds in awe Open and worshipful as angels they saw. Rise up, go to Bethlehem and see Him there, Sleeping in a manger, there were no rooms to spare. He sleeps, He his human, He is but a child,…

Child of Man – 13th Poem of Christmas

Holy Spirit

Chosen by God Humble Mary, In trust you said, ‘Yes.’ Leaning on faith Dedicated to serve. Offering your body to be Filled with the hope of all. Mother Mary, courageous one, Appointed by God to bring New life to all the world.

Son of God – 12th Poem of Christmas

  Spirit of God, Holy Father of all Over and in us, lest we fall, Now come sweet Jesus, heed our call. Open to any who seek release Faithful and trusting, filled with belief. God the Father come down to earth, Omniscient and holy…

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