Moon Night

What is that I see
chasing the moon?
Wispy clouds,
bare dark tree limbs
reaching up, up, up
into a darkening sky.
It is a moon night.
All nature points
to luminous lunar beauty.

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New Mexico

Summer sky

summer arrives, no simple browns or blues –
rambling plains and mountains covered with
evergreens, shrub and scrub, dusty ocher
touched with rusty reds and sage greens –
the arc above cerulean, vivid and pure,
streaked at times with wispy clouds
or contrails of fighter jets making training runs
as the day settles into mellow yellow dusk –
fade to black, lit by millions upon millions of stars,
incomparable, magnificent, no light pollution to steal their glow
let the splendor of night go on forever,
but Mother Nature has another plan as the first rays of sun
burst across the horizon, bringing into sharp relief
hills, lowlands, trees, mountains soldiering across the horizon,
morning has broken, a new day begins

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