Moon Night

What is that I see
chasing the moon?
Wispy clouds,
bare dark tree limbs
reaching up, up, up
into a darkening sky.
It is a moon night.
All nature points
to luminous lunar beauty.

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December Moon

December Moon

Night shades the cloud-shrouded moon,
cold white against the inky sky
framed by a lacework of leaf-striped limbs
intertwined by nature’s refining hand.

What stories does the moon observe
as it passes through the starless expanse
on its way to the other side to see
an end to one day, and the beginning of another?

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Autumn Leaves

Harvest moon


Moonlight cantata
pumpkin spice against dark sky –
night melodies flow.



Who are you and where are you going?
What drives the truck and fuels the tank of your knowing?
In you I see light so brightly aflame and burning,
Seeking wisdom, courage, always bright, always yearning.

For just awhile turn off your mind, be at rest.
Sit beside the stream of life, watch the sun set in the west.
Do not think you must be more than you are today;
For this moment find joy, let the music of now play.



Spring sings,
Summer hums,
Autumn whistles,
Winter strums.

Each has a cadence
all its own.
Each brings change
by its tone.

In nature’s song
we play a part,
a melody
from the heart.



Is it good, this thing called change?
Yesterday I was free,
today caught in some
dark void
neither one thing
or another.

And then – change comes.
flying into the day
wing color like
jewels in the sun.

this thing called change
is good.

The haiku MOONLIGHT came to me on a sleepless night this past week. The other poems are previously published and reflect seasons of change.

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