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  What is that I see chasing the moon? Wispy clouds, bare dark tree limbs reaching up, up, up into a darkening sky. It is a moon night. All nature points to luminous lunar beauty. Thank you for being a reader/subscriber. Your likes, shares,… Continue Reading “MOON NIGHT”

December Moon

Night shades the cloud-shrouded moon, cold white against the inky sky framed by a lacework of leaf-striped limbs intertwined by nature’s refining hand. What stories does the moon observe as it passes through the starless expanse on its way to the other side to… Continue Reading “December Moon”

Autumn Leaves

MOONLIGHT Moonlight cantata pumpkin spice against dark sky – night melodies flow. __________ THE MUSIC OF NOW Who are you and where are you going? What drives the truck and fuels the tank of your knowing? In you I see light so brightly aflame… Continue Reading “Autumn Leaves”

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