Snow Day

The winds and snow of Winter
invite us to cozy down,
take comfort from those around us
in our home and in our town.

Spring’s gay bright blossoms
give us cause to laugh and sing,
as we watch for early robins
and hear the messages they bring.

Summer opens wide its
sunny arms enticing us to play,
kick the ball and swim the lake,
and make the most of every day.

Autumn whispers a sleepy song
of falling leaves and wind all around.
It’s time to rest, they say,
let peace and gentleness abound.

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Snow fell today,



Creature tracks
break the crust.
Moisture gives us



of a spring
blooming and lush.

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Dandelion Light


Dandelions dot the landscape,
yellow bright against spring greens.
Once, I thought them a nuisance,
now I give thanks for their value,
providing nectar for bees
and salad greens for the daring gourmet.
Mostly I love their perky color
and joyful reminder of spring days
and the lazy hum of life.

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Sweet is the touch of spring,
Pleasant, arriving cool and green,
Redolent with aromas of turned dirt,
Invading senses, bringing smiles.
New growth, blue skies, longer days,
Gentle breezes softly sigh.

Stirring memory of times gone by,
Purest recall of other moments
Running free, laughing loud,
Infecting life with the virus of joy,
Never aware this interlude,
Good as it is, will soon be gone.

Silence now is precious.
Peace, quiet, broken by bird song
Ringing bell-like across the glade.
I am content in this time of life
Needing only to know I am loved,
Granting me wings and wisdom.

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Rain falls to the earth,
seeps into the soil,
awakens resting roots and seeds.
Where there was nothing,
now come signs of life,
fragile yet strong.

Graceful sprouts reply
to the sun’s call.
Shoots reach toward the sky,
intricate and beautiful,
wonder beyond imagining,
each tiny drop of rain,
reflecting the face of God.

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